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To guests using the Go To Travel Regional Common Coupon

Terms of use

  1. This coupon can only be used to pay for tickets purchased at the museum.
  2. ※On-site sales are limited to groups using the Go To Travel Regional Common Coupon.

    ※You can buy tickets even on days when all advance tickets are sold out.

  3. You can use paper or electronic coupons.


  1. Do not purchase tickets in advance. Come to the information counter at the museum.
  2. Present your Regional Common Coupons and tell the staff members which admission time you would like.
  3. Pay for and receive your tickets, then line up in the admission line.

Cautions when using this coupon

  • ・This coupon cannot be used for advance tickets.
  • ・It cannot be used for purposes other than admission tickets (EN TEA HOUSE
    in the museum, etc.).
  • ・No change will be provided, even if the total is less than the amount written on theRegional Common Coupons.
  • ・You cannot change your admission time after purchase.

Please note

Great deal

For two adults Tickets



You can use coupons (6,000 yen off) and pay just

400yen to enter the museum.


Q. What should I do if I forget my coupon?
A. You cannot use coupons if you do not bring them with you.
Q. Can I receive a refund if I already purchased an advance ticket at the regular price?
A. No, no cancellations or refunds are available for advance tickets.
Q. I mistakenly used the electronic coupon, or I tore off the paper coupon. Can I still use them?
A. No, they cannot be used.
Q. How many coupons can I use at one time?
A. There is no limit on how many coupons you can use at once.
Q. Can I receive a receipt when using coupons?
A. Yes, we can issue one. Please tell the staff members that you would like a receipt when you use the coupons.

About the Go To Travel Regional Common Coupon promotional campaign

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